6 Reasons Digital Marketing Helps Plumbing/HVAC Contractors

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As an HVAC or plumbing contractor, you may not have digital marketing at the forefront of your crowded to-do list. And that’s understandable. First and foremost, you should be offering your customers exceptional service. But even if you provide timely, knowledgeable, and affordable HVAC or plumbing service, you may be noticing that your business has sort of hit a wall.

It’s not because you don’t work hard. It doesn’t even mean that you are doing anything wrong. But it most likely means that you are omitting something. And as you may have already guessed, that something is plumber SEO. The truth is that you should launch an SEO campaign as soon as, or before you open your doors for business. But many contractors turn to digital marketing when they notice a lack of growth or stagnation.

As the old adage goes, better late than never. If you have not had the time or haven’t thought that you needed to invest in digital marketing for your plumbing or HVAC company you need to read the following guide. Likewise, if you are just getting your plumbing/HVAC company off the ground and want to know more about how digital marketing can benefit you, this is the post you need to read. Let’s take a look at the most significant ways that digital marketing helps plumbing/HVAC contractors.

1) It Lets you Reach your Audience

Even if you don’t spend much time online; your customers certainly do. The fact is that your customers (and your competitors for that matter) are all online. According to The Next Web, the average person spends over 6 hours online every day. To compound the significance of that statistic, consider this one: 97% of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses. Digital marketing allows you to reach a colossal audience that you would have no access to without some sort of online footprint.

2) It Makes you Noticeable

So what is the flip side to the #1 benefit in our list? It’s that the World Wide Web is flooded with companies just like yours. With millions of clickable options available with a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse, your audience has plenty to choose from. But digital marketing (namely Search Engine Optimization) affords you the opportunity to stand out among the crowd. And it really isn’t too hard. By simply claiming your business on Google My Business, you are increasing traffic to your website by up to %70. You are also increasing customer trust in your business by double simply by merit of having a complete Google My Business listing. While claiming your business is a small step in the right direction towards getting noticed, it is a vital one.

3) It Makes for Easier Branding

Building a successful business is contingent on building a recognizable brand. And branding in the physical world can be tough. Signage is expensive, there are limited opportunities (and limited real estate) for your brand to be displayed and only so many people you can reach. Digital marketing offers a unique opportunity for business owners to build a consistent brand relatively easily. Displaying your logo on your website, on your social media profiles, digital business listings and on any emails you send out are all simple and viable options for digital branding. 

4) It Evens the Playing Field

Nowadays, you don’t need a massive advertising budget to compete with the national plumbing and HVAC service chains. That’s because the internet makes it ridiculously easy for people to find what they are looking for. And most of the time, what people are looking for is local service. In fact, 46% of all Google searches are for local services or businesses. People don’t want to see options for service in another state and digital marketing makes it much easier for your customers to come to you. But you need to have a digital footprint in place for people to find you when they search for things like “HVAC repairs near me” or “emergency plumbers near me.” Digital marketing allows your company to be seen by the people in your area and not lose business to nation-wide companies.

5) It Allows for Free Market Research

For the contractors who are thinking ahead and want to know what their customers need, digital marketing becomes essential. Gone are the days when you’d have to pay thousands of dollars to get the market research and info you need. Now, all it takes is a simple survey on Facebook or comments on one of your blog posts. Digital marketing allows you to talk directly with your customers and potential customers. By reading comments left on your blog, you can gain valuable insight into what people value most about plumbing/HVAC service and shape your company accordingly. Facebook’s surveys are especially helpful for finding the pain points of your target market.

6) It Makes your Business More Trustworthy

For better or for worse, you need an online presence to garner any trust in your local market. In the digital age, you need customer reviews for your business. In a Bright Local study, it was found that average customers need to read at least 10 reviews before they feel comfortable with a company. Furthermore, 68% of consumers surveyed reported that positive reviews make it more likely that they will patronize a business. And make no mistake about it; customer reviews and online reputation management are part of an effective digital marketing campaign. 

Pluming, Heating, & Air Alliance Can Help

In reality, this list could go on and on. The benefits of digital marketing for your HVAC/plumbing business cannot be understated. It is absolutely necessary, in fact. But we don’t want to overwhelm anyone out there. These are some of the most important things to understand about digital marketing but rest assured; the plot thickens. But here at Plumbing Heating & Air Alliance, we make it our business to guide you through the process.