The Top 3 Air Duct Cleaning Tools of 2020

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We are officially in the thick of 2020. It is a new year and as such, you may be looking to modernize some of your equipment if you are an HVAC serviceman or contractor. 2020 just has such a futuristic ring to it, doesn’t it? So if you are looking at your duct cleaning equipment and thinking you may need an upgrade to reflect this bold new year, today’s post will be of particular interest to you.

Air duct cleaning is one of those jobs that are extremely basic in concept, but in practice, it can be a whole other ballgame. If you are an HVAC contractor then you already know how different types of ductwork, residential HVAC systems, and commercial HVAC systems all present unique challenges. And if your equipment is old, outdated and missing parts, you could be putting in more work than you should be. 

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But in the meantime, let’s go over some benefits of air duct cleaning. Some of your customers may be a bit skeptical as to why they might need their air ducts cleaned on a regular basis so the following list will equip you with some answers you can give them.

Why is it Important to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

The fact is that most industry professionals recommend having your air ducts cleaned every 2 to 5 years. Of course, depending on the frequency of use, how old the ductwork is, if there are any leaks in the ductwork and the local climate, some air ducts need more frequent cleaning. In any case, take a look at some ways you can answer the question of why it is important to have one’s air ducts cleaned.

Because it is Healthy

Numerous contaminants including mold, bacteria, and fungi can make their home in commercial and residential HVAC ductwork. When you have your heater or AC on, and to a lesser extent even when you don’t have anything running at all, these contaminants can pollute the indoor air you breathe. This could lead to a number of respiratory and allergic complications.

Because it Increases Efficiency 

If you aren’t getting even heating and cooling in your building, one of the reasons may be dirty ductwork. When you utilize ductwork cleaning equipment, it becomes clear and uninhibited by dust, dirt, and other debris, and your central unit won’t have to work as hard to heat or cool your home. This could lead to a longer life for your system and lower utility bills.

Because it is Sanitary

The Environmental Protection Agency has reported that in most cases, indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Furthermore, most people spend about 90% of their time indoors. Regular duct cleaning should be the starting point of any effort to improve indoor air quality and improve building sanitation.

Now that you know what to tell your clients when they ask this common question, it’s time to reassure them that you have the best tools for the job. So without further ado, let’s get into the best air duct cleaning tools of 2020.

Types of Air-Duct Cleansing Tools

Inspection Tools

In order to deliver quality HVAC maintenance service, you have to be able to thoroughly inspect a customer’s ductwork. This is where modern 2020 technology comes in handy. Your modern HVAC arsenal should include advanced camera inspection technology.

Milwaukee makes some of the best inspection equipment on the market like the M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless M-Spector. For the purists, this kit includes hook magnet and mirror attachments for manual inspections. But the real draw is the 320 x 240 pixel, 360-degree cameras which gives you clear, crisp images of hard to see ductwork. 4 LED lights flank the camera head so you can see everywhere it goes. The aluminum head was built for the rigors of the job site, and the extra beefy flexible cable will provide you with stable images no matter how deep the camera goes.

And if you want to keep things lean with your air duct cleaning tools, Rigid makes a really handy little inspection camera. The Micro CA25 Inspection Camera is a great handheld inspection camera unit with a built-in 2.4-inch color LCD so you can see everything very clearly. You get a 3-foot imaging cable and an aluminum camera head. This little device also features 4 LCD lights on the camera head and 180-degree digital rotation.

Hand Cleaning Tools

Next up, you will need a complement of hand-held tools that can help you get the actual cleaning done. Hand cleaning tools are necessary for stubborn debris that typically gets stuck the walls of the ductwork and can’t be cleared out by a vacuum. 

The Freeman High Flow Blow Gun Kit is a great option for when you need pneumatic gear to blast away tough debris. This is a pistol-grip style blowgun that is small but packs a mighty punch. It features a 7-inch hose extension for those spots that are hard to reach. You can also adjust the airflow easily from the trigger itself.

If you are looking for a more affordable hand cleaning tool, the Primefit Air Duster Blowgun Kit would be a great fit for you. This is a highly affordable, no-nonsense blow gun kit with 4 different tips to help you with different kinds of air duct cleaning projects. This is very easy to use, with a trigger-style grip and works reliably time after time.

Rotary Brush Kits

Rotary brush kits are ideal for the residential air duct cleaning process. They are not overpowered and therefore, you won’t have to spend too much on them. If most of your air duct cleaning work is for residential properties, you will want to invest in a good rotary brush kit.

The BrushBeast Air Duct Cleaning Machine offers HVAC technicians the easy portability needed for residential work but doesn’t lack anything in the way of power. The brush motor is capable of pumping out 450 RPMs at 120 and 220 volt AC. The whole unit weighs only 69 pounds too. It also features a HEPA filter that is capable of capturing contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size. You get a very generous hose length too with an additional hose attachment that adds 17 feet. The brush head is controlled via a cable that runs through the hose itself making it easy to clean all types of ductwork – even flexible ductwork.

The BrushBeast aiR+ Air Duct Cleaning Machine is an even lighter, more compact cleaning kit. At just 59 pounds, it is effortless to load on and off your truck as needed. The brush head spins at 450 RPMs, but it is gentle enough to not damage the most delicate ductwork materials. There is a dual HEPA filter, and the brush head spins as the vacuum hose sucks up everything the brush head is knocking off the ductwork.

Last but not least we have the Spinvax 1000 XT Professional Air Duct Cleaning Package. This is a heavy-duty duct vacuum that features amazingly intuitive self-adjusting brush heads. This kit includes brush heads for large, medium, and small ducts. You can clean metal, rectangular, circular, and even flexible ductwork easily with this kit. The brush heads are not actually mounted at the end of the hose. Instead, the cable and brush head is separate from the vacuum hose which can make it easier to get around corners and twists in ductwork and helps avoid vacuum hose clogs. 

Get the Job Done With High-Performance Tools

We hope you have found our list helpful. Our list of the top air duct cleaning tools feature products that will help you get the job done from start to finish. From the initial inspection to the finer aspects of quality air duct cleaning, these are the must-have air duct cleaning tools in 2020. 

Of course, personal preference will dictate which tools you use more but that’s why we included multiple products for each category of the tool. 

We hope that this list will keep you in the loop and help you administer your services effectively and efficiently. For more helpful guides, case studies, and resources for your HVAC contracting business get in touch with us here at Plumbing Heating & Air Alliance. We are here for you so contact us soon!