DiversiTech Corp. Introduces a New and Innovative Product

The experts at DiversiTech Corp. have introduced a new and innovative leak location dye and sealant kit that promises shorter, less costly repair times, leading to less cost and work time for contractors and HVAC technicians. The Georgia based HVAC manufacturer has developed a UV dye that works without the use of UV glasses to identify HVAC leaks easier and quicker.

Flash Detect Inject Total Is Available Now.

Flash Detect Inject Total Can Shave Time and Cost From Your Next HVAC Leak Repair.

A New Twist in UV Detection

DiversiTech Corp., a leader in HVAC material manufacturing, has created the UV sensitive leak detection and sealant system to ease the job of contractors as well as lowering repair and wait times for customers. “The addition of the UV dye integrated with the sealant is the latest innovation to our complete line of HVAC/R refrigerant sealants under the Flex Inject Sealant brand name,” said Ron Grabowski, DiversiTech’s Market Segment Manager. “It adds even more peace of mind for contractors and homeowners, and further separates our industry-leading sealant products from the competition.”

Simply Easy

Flash Detect Inject Total, released to the market last April by DiversiTech Corp., works with any type of condenser, heat pump, compressor, or recovery unit, and is injected with a patented flex mist hose that requires no tools or gauges. The dye and sealant can be used with any type of refrigerant and can be injected into a fully charged system so there is no downtime. Through a push button valve in the flex hose, the UV dye is released into your system and travels with the oil and refrigerant to locate leaks within the system. With the use of an ultraviolet light, even hairline cracks can be located and sealed easily.